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Item #91

200 Freeze-Dried Pork Chops

Category: Cuisine
Added: 7 Jul 2003
Final Bid: as yet unknown

The most amazing thing I learned from this auction is YOU CAN BUY PORK CHOPS IN A CAN.

So, why would I want 200 pork chops? Well, as the seller points out -- "With all the uncertainty of life today, it never hurts to be prepared." Indeed.

Wait, prepared for what? Is there going to be some sort of applesauce uprising that we're going to be called on to quell?

What's more, this is a Dutch auction with a quantity of 10 available, for a whopping grand total of 2,000 CANNED PORK CHOPS. Now that's what I call being prepared for ANY eventuality!

And remember, folks -- THIS PRODUCT IS GAS PACKED.

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